Why Private Health Insurance in Spain?

Why Private Health Insurance in Spain is necessary is mainly due to the long waiting times on the national service and the language barrier. However, with Brexit it has becomes even more important for Expats to go private

We are health insurance brokers and so can offer cover for Spain at all levels, this may include co payment or fully comprehensive cover. We also provide international health plans if this is required.
The main aspects of private medical insurance is primary care services, specialists, hospitalisation, surgery, preventive medicine for different types of cancer and coronary risk and paediatric care, family planning among others. Dental care can also be included on each policy at request..

Public Health Sector issues:

  • Public health care has high waiting period for consultations and Operation, due to many reasons such as national cutbacks and increase in demand due to population increase
  • Most importantly doctors in the public sector are unlikely to speak your
    language unlike in private sector.

Why private health insurance in Spain compared to the public sector?

Speed of diagnosis and access to operations, tests and treatment.
Offers you flexibility around appointment times and a choice of specialists, consultants and surgeons.
No hospital restrictions - You're free to choose any hospital for your healthcare in Spain.
You will be cared for comfortably, quickly and given a great selection of center to receive your treatment.
You are not limited to one GP, you have full choice on who you choose to use.
International policies if required.
Dental cover included at request.
If you require a Second medical opinion which is abroad this can be authorised.

The advantages of private insurance.

  • You will be covered immediately and we can eliminate waiting period depending on if you already have a private insurance in place.
  • Immediate access to GP, Specialist and Emergency treatment from day one.
  • Private health cover provides preventive health care. This is called an annual well-woman/well-man checkup. Full body scans and blood tests can be included, no costs to you.
  • International Emergency Health cover is provided. Up to 12000 Euros with repatriation to Spain included. Also emergency doctors abroad are available on the emergency number for home visits at no cost.
  • Full ambulance service in Spain and abroad are included.
  • Policy documents available in several languages.
  • New Residences applying for more than 3 months in Spain are required to have a full health insurance plan, which we can put in place with your passport number.

Why using a broker to choose and manage your health plan?

  • We have over 20 years experience and only deal with the best companies on the market with regards price and cover.
  • We recommend the best insurer for your needs as each company has its plus points depending on the level of cover you require.
  • Not only do we help with issuing the policy for you and explaining the terms and conditions, we are your one point of contact if you have any issues. You may need our help for authorizing certain operations. If you lose your medical car we will arrange a new one t be sent out, amongst many other services.

What do you need to appy for a Medical Insurance Plan?

  • You need to have a passport or NIE number.
  • A Spanish Bank account.
  • Address in Spain.
  • To eliminate the standard waiting period of 6 months for non-emergency operations you need proof of last insurance policy and that it was paid up to date.

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