Private health insurance to become resident in Spain

NIE – Residence and Health Insurance in Spain

Expats and Foreign Residents based in Spain that intend to Apply for Residence will need Private Health Insurance with no Co Pago (no co pay or Excess).

If you are based in Spain over 3 months of the year you must apply for residence in Spain. They call this “residencia”. You will be given an NIE number which translates to “national identification number for expats”.

This NIE number will allow you to have non-resident status or resident status. The NIE number never changes.

Once you have this number you will be given either a card or a green certificate with the number and your personal details stated.

Why do you need private health insurance in order to get a NIE number?

  • The reason you need private health insurance to become a resident is because the Spanish government wants proof that you can support yourself.
    If you start working in Spain you will become part of the social security system. Once you are paying into the system you will have access to the National Health Service.

What are the requirement that the Health insurance must have to become resident

1. To become resident you will be required to have a health insurance with no excess (no co-payments). In Spanish this is known as “sin copago”.

2. The insurance must not be limited

3. The policy must cover repatriation back to Spain in event you have an accident abroad.

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