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Public Health system “Falling apart” in Malaga

The service chiefs warn of the grave crisis for public health in Málaga. The public health system in Malaga has a chronic shortage of funding and this is reflected in a precarious structure and lack of human resources which has been aggravated alarmingly with the recent economic crisis.

Regarding primary care, health officials describe it as one of the greatly “affected” areas in Spain. Primary care is the cornerstone of the public health system and has been affected by the crisis. Unless primary care is enhanced with increase in consultation times to give accurate diagnosis and more investment in human & material resources, emergency hospitals will remain saturated and will collapse.

Among the main criticisms of the public system in Malaga, is that it is chronically underfunded.

As regards to infrastructure, Malaga is at the bottom of the health resources and number of beds. Union claims Malaga province has the worst beds to inhabitants ratio. Comisiones Oberas (CCOO) trade union, has presented a new report in October 2015 in Malaga Province’s public health system which it claims is falling apart at the seams.

Over the last three years, public hospitals in the province have lost 270 beds, the equivalent to a hospital of a similar size to the Costa del Sol centre in Marbella, the report reveals.

This drop, said Rafael Gonzalez Delgado (CCOO Health Secretary in Malaga), has resulted in a ration of just 15.48 public beds per 10,000 inhabitants in the province, well below the Andalucian average of 18.30 and a far cry from the national ratio of more than 20 per 10,000 people.

“As Spain has the worst ratio in Europe, we can safely say Malaga is one of the worst areas in the EU”, Gonzalez Delgado stated.

To get on par with the regional averages, the province would need another 459 beds, and to match national levels, a new hospital of a similar size to the Clinico Universitario in Malaga City would have to be built, the report reveals. In conclusion, the report states: “Malaga health system is coming apart at the seams and empty promises are no good anymore.”

CCOO representatives have declared that unless the Junta de Andalucia regional government takes urgent steps to improve the situation, the union will call protests.

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