International Medical Coverage

You will need International Health Insurance coverage if you spend time outside of Spain. If you are away from Spain for over 30 days or more a few times a year, then it makes sense to cover yourself fully abroad.

When you choose international cover it is very important to choose the right company. The reason being is that when you use a service abroad you will be reimbursed. This being the case we only recommend companies which have an excellent reputation and provide the reimbursement to you in an efficient manner.

Some insurance companies that offer international cover will require you to pay Spanish services such as hospitals and doctors first. We do not recommend this method and will offer products where Spanish services are paid in full directly by the medical insurance provider.

*Please note as brokers our fee is included in the price. This means you are getting our service and support for the same price as the Insurance company will charge you as a new client.

Please read our testimonials which outline the experience customers have had dealing with us.

Companies we recommend for international cover are : DKV, Sanitas and ALC. They may not be the cheapest on the market but they are the best companies to provide cover and peace of mind in case of any emergency or medical service you require

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Choosing a Company

Once you have decided that you need International coverage as opposed to Spain only cover, the next step is to look at which company is best suited to your needs


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