DKV Salud - Spain cover

DKV is a Spain only policy that is integral in Spain with emergency cover abroad. There are 4 different levels, depending on which excess you prefer. The cost of the insurance decreases with a higher excess

Standard cover Included

Diagnostic test

Hospitalization and unlimited treatment

Consultations and General Medicine

Ambulance cover and 24 hr call out

Emergency cover outside Spain

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DKV (High Excess – Copayment)

option 1 has a high excess and we would recommend this policy if you are in excellent health and use hospitals infrequently.

DKV (Medium Excess- Copayment)


Option 2 has a medium excess and is a reasonable choice in regards value and cover


DKV (Low Excess – Copayment)

Option 3 has a low excess and is a great option for people who do you services but do not mind paying a minimal sum each time for a consultations


DKV (No Excess – Copayment)

Option 4 has no excess, and so although is the most expensive option of the 4, it does provide peace of mind that you will never have to pay for any service apart from the premium paid each month.


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