The best insurers in Spain

Below are the companies that we recommend when looking at the Spanish Health Insurance Market. There are pros and cons for each company and therefore we recommend you contact us with you personal situation so as we can analyze what best will suite you.

Key questions

Do you need Spain only cover
Do you need international coverage
Is it for you or are there more than 2 persons on policy
Diferent companies are more competitive for certain ages


We work with the best insurance companies and policies in the Spanish market

The brokers fee we charge is within the standard price (same as direct) : Benefit you get is we fight on your behalf rather than companies



La aseguradora más grande de Europa para la Cobertura de Salud Internacional

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Sanitas pertenece a Bupa y es una compañía de seguros sólida que proporciona una excelente cobertura

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Medifiatc es una de las mayores Mutuas en España fundada en la década de 1930 proporcionando una de las mejores coberturas de salud

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Mapfre ofrece excelentes pólizas de salud con cobertura en España y a nivel internacional

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ALC Global ofrece cobertura en todo el mundo, especializada en seguros médicos con condiciones de salud preexistentes

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The above are just a few of the questions which we need to look at when recommending a company and we can happily run through the criteria when best choosing a company



40 €

From 40 € Per month

Strong Family Plans

Excellent Pricing

Group Discount From 10% to 30%

Unlimited cover in Spain

Emergency cover abroad
12000 € cover

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35 €

From 35 € Per month

Strong Co-Payment Plans

Excellent singles Pricing

Dental Clinic Dental included as Standard

Unlimited cover in Spain

Worldwide cover available


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59 €

From 59 € Per month

Specialists in World Wide cover

Large network Internationally accepted

Any Doctor or Hospital No limits on who to use



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