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Sanitas Mas Salud

This is most popular plan, which provides cover in Spain

Option to include an excess (co payment) to keep premium down

Within Mas Salud you can add reimbursement from 50,000, 150,000 and more. This allows you to go to any doctor that has no agreement with Sanitas

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Sanitas – Mas Salud options of cover

  • Mas Salud –  High Excess
  • Mas Salud –  Low Excess
  • Mas Salud – No Excess


Mas Salud (High Excess – Copayment)

Sanitas as well as being the most well known Medical Insurance Provider also offer the best value policies.

However by having an excess for each service they can mount up, so this policy is best for infrequent visits for health services

Mas Salud – (Low Excess- Copayment)

This is a great compromise if you are undecided between no excess and having a small excess

Mas Salud (No Excess – Copayment)

Mas Salud (sin Co-Pago) is the no Excess option and this being the case is the best option available of the 3 due to the insured having peace of mind that they only will ever pay a monthly premium with no surprises.


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