Sanitas Autonomos

Sanitas Autonomos is Coverage and services for Professionals
Sanitas Professional is a product of comprehensive health care. It includes coverage tailored to meet the needs you may have the self-employed worker and his family to situations where it is most vulnerable.

It has two options hiring

  • Sanitas Professional Plus – Excess Copayment option
  • Sanitas Professional No Excess

Key covers

  • Payment Protection: reimbursement of the insurance premium
  • Support for housework if you are hospitalised
  • Childcare and school support at home
  • Physiotherapist at home
  • Taxi service for daily errands

Optional Covers

  • Temporary disability- Financial help when you cannot exercise your professional activity
  • Pharmacy coverage- Covering Medications costs
  • US coverage
  • Optical coverage- To help you with your expenses optical costs such as lenses
  • Coverage of Alternative Medicine- homeopathy and acupuncture
  • Hospital Indemnity- €60 per day of hospitalisation
  • Dental coverage- Dental Sanitas 21 is included which gives access to all centers and dentists in our dental network

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