Sanitas Professional

Sanitas Professional

Sanitas Professional is coverage for Professionals and the self-employed. The policy can be tailored to meet your needs and also includes dental cover as standard.

The cost of the insurance can be offset against your taxes and temporary disability can be included under the policy. The policy is extremely flexible with covers being available to add and remove to meet your needs.

It has two options:

  • Sanitas Professional Plus – Excess Co payment option
  • Sanitas Professional No Excess

Key covers

  • Primary care: General medicine, pediatrics, nursing services, emergencies.
  • Access to all medical specialties, without restrictions.
  • Therapeutic methods: Rehabilitation, cancer treatments, respiratory therapies, logophoniatry, lithotripsy, radiotherapy, etc.
  • Diagnostic tests: Clinical analysis, ultrasound, radiography, MRI, endoscopy, scanner, etc.

Extra cover as standard:

  • Payment Protection: reimbursement of the insurance premium
  • Support for housework if you are hospitalised
  • Childcare and school support at home
  • Physiotherapist at home
  • Taxi service for daily errands

Optional Covers:

  • Temporary disability- Financial help when you cannot exercise your professional activity
  • Pharmacy coverage- Covering Medications costs
  • US coverage
  • Optical coverage- To help you with your expenses optical costs such as lenses
  • Coverage of Alternative Medicine- homeopathy and acupuncture
  • Hospital Indemnity- €60 per day of hospitalisation
  • Dental coverage- Dental Sanitas 21 is included which gives access to all centers and dentists in our dental network

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Common Question:  Do you have any tax advantages?

By being autonomous, when you contract Sanitas Professional you can benefit from the tax deduction of your insurance, that of your spouse and children up to € 500 per person and year – not applicable in the Basque Country. And if you have a company you can deduct 100% of the cost of this service in the Corporate Tax.

Spouses and children will have the same advantages as the policyholder, with no maximum member limit.

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