Mapfre World Wide cover offers a international insurance coverage which covers medical costs globally. The policy gives you the freedom even in Spain of which center, specialist and hospital you want to use. If the center in Spain is not in the Mapfre network you can still use the center with the world wide policy.

The policy is an ideal solution if you travel very often and need peace of mind that you are covered for any event.

Mapfre World Wide cover

Diagnostic test

Hospitalization and unlimited treatment In Spain and Limits abroad

Consultations and General Medicine

Ambulance cover and 24 hr call out

 World wide Cover

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    Mapfre Summary of World wide cover

    • Mapfre are in top 5 of Spain’s insurers and provide World wide Medical Insurance cover .

    Mapfre – World Wide cover

    • Mapfres world wide insurance is a re-reimbursement policy. Please contact us for more info

    About Mapfre

    Mapfre are a truly global company with 29 million-plus customers and 35,000 employees in 30 countries worldwide.

    Their motto is “We are Innovation” as they seek solutions that address the many challenges that customers face. Mapfre provide customers with full support by harnessing the latest technology in their products.


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