Mapfre cover with no excess

Mapfre Spain cover with no excess:

By having no excess with Mapfre you are always protected. No excess or copayment provides peace of mind for you and your family against any eventuality that might occur.

The company is one of the largest and reputable health insurers in Spain with a complete medical directory.

Mapfre cover:

Diagnostic test

Hospitalization and unlimited treatment

Consultations and General Medicine

Ambulance cover and 24 hr call out

 Emergency cover outside Spain

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Mapfre Key covers

  • Specialities that mapfre have are the following:

Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia surgeries, genetic study of obesity, gastric balloons and alternative medicine.

  • Mapfre are a company with excellent preventive medical treatments, including:

Coronary, breast, prostate, diabetes and glaucoma diseases.


Mapfre includes repatriation cover: 

Repatriation will be included anywhere in the world, including the USA. If you get sick or need emergency medical care then the repatriation cover kicks in.

The company will arrange flights and will cover all the costs associated with getting back to Spain. If a companion or family member is needed Mapfre will also cover their cost of flights and hotel.

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