ALC are specialists in World Wide and European Medical insurance

They offer coverage for pre existing medical conditions.
ALC offer Worldwide cover as well as option to limit coverage to only Europe.

The main benefit of this policy is pre existing conditions can be covered.

Health insurance from ALC Health do not restrict you with who you use and offer a range of comprehensive plans offer the following advantages:

Key covers:

  • No hospital restrictions – You’re free to choose any hospital for your healthcare in Spain
  • Covered in other countries – If you’re an expat looking for health insurance in Spain, all ALC’s plans provide cover for treatment in other countries within your selected area. There are no hospital restrictions for treatment in other countries either
  • Tailor your insurance – ALC plans allow you to add cover for routine pregnancy & childbirth, dental treatment and/or evacuation or repatriation, making your private health insurance in Spain truly individual
  • Choice of currencies – You can pay for your premiums in Sterling, Euros or US Dollars
  • Reduce your premiums – You can choose to have a higher excess to lower the amount you pay for your cover

ALC Health plans are designed to be flexible and give you the freedom to pick and choose the cover you need at a price that suits your budget.

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